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Hello Hikers!

Grab your pencil and get ready for your field trip to Rockville Hills Park.

It’s time to gather information and prepare your presentation for your trip.

Download the .pdf files on the "Research Trail" to begin your note-taking experience.

Walk the "Main Trails" and choose a plant that you would like to research.

Navigate throughout the trails while you read, write, and gather information about your chosen subject. You will take your research notes and prepare an oral report to be given on your field trip at Rockville Hills Park.

You may also copy pictures from this website to create your own Word Documents, Power Points, or Publisher projects.

Enrichment activities are suggested on the "Extensions Trail." You can read suggested themed books, write a Haiku poem, play environmental games, or recite poetry here.

Take the "History Trail" to learn about the geology and human impact at Rockville Hills Park. You can illustrate the history of the park with a picture timeline.

Many other plants that grow in the park can be found by color by clicking the link to the left.

If you ever get lost, “click the boots.”

You will navigate safely home to begin your journey again.


So put on your boots and start hiking with us at Rockville Hills Park.



The website developer removes himself from any liability for injury or sickness that may result from visiting the park. DO NOT EAT ANY PLANT MATERIAL FOUND IN THE PARK.